User profile details

Public profile details of the user including:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Blog
  • E-mail
  • Location
  • Bio

DevFit rating

DevFit stars rating includes 4 categories:

  • Activity: rating using the last year activity of the user.

  • Lead Development: result of analysing the repositories/projects where there were several contributors and the user is one of the top contributors to the project/repository.

  • Social: based on the involvement with different organisations, and number of followers / followings.

  • Popularity: meassures the overall popularity of the repositories/projects where the user contributed.

Total number of contributions

Total number of contributions based on all history

Total number of public / private repositories

Total number of public and private repositories / projects

If the total number of private repositories is zero, it could mean:

  • user only shared public information with DevFit and the whole report is based on the public information only
  • user contributed to private repositories of organizations in the past but the user doesn't belong any longer to these organizations
  • user has not private repositories (the previous options are more likely)

Total number of followers, following and organisations

Total number of followers, following and organizations

  • number followers following the user currently
  • number following users that the user follows currently
  • number organizations that the user belongs to currently

Contributions timeline chart

Timeline chart that shows activity of the user

Most used programming languages

Most used programming languages

Code lines added versus deleted

Number of code lines added versus number of code lines deleted

Repositories / projects popularity

Popularity % of repositories / projects. The popularity groups are (from less to more populars)

  • Unknown
  • Heard of
  • Well known
  • Popular
  • Very popular
  • Famous

Public vs private repositories / projects

Public versus private repositories / projects

Repositories / projects size

Size % of repositories / projects. The size groups are (from smaller to bigger size)

  • S - Small
  • M - Medium
  • L - Large
  • XL - Extra Large

Highlights from contributed repositories / projects

Relevant contributions to repositories / projects. Contributions are considered relevant if other users of the community have shown interest for the repository / project.

There are 2 types of contribution cards:

  • Top contributor in a repository / projects where there are contributions from various developers
  • Contributed to a repository / project and various developers are interested in the repository.

Each contribution card contains:

  • Contributions - % of user contributions
  • Commits - total number of commits from the user.
  • Contributors - total number of contributors to the project.
  • Forks - total number of forks. Users fork a repository / project when their intention is to either use it or contribute to it.
  • Watchers - total number of watchers. Users watching changes happening in the repository.
  • Stars - total number of stars. Number of interested users that starred the repository.
  • List of programming languages - List of programming languages used in the project / repository

List of public repositories / projects

List of public repos where the user has contributed, each repository shows the programming languages used and contains a link to the source code.